Animated Explainer Videos

We create unique and result in oriented videos for your organization to introduce new services and to raise awareness about existing once. It will be a perfect pitch to increase sales. It is a versatile medium of communication, but only if it is compelling for the viewers’ attention. Manufacturers and engineering companies can use this type of videos to increase the conversions by 20% on average. Wiggle studios will help you to increase the traffic and conversion with the handicraft explainer video.



We at wiggle studios will humanize your brand and bring an emotional connection with your customers through these 2d animated videos.

The moment we talk about animation, the immediate reflection is 2d animation. Flexibility and control are at the forefront of this 2d animation style. This method provides a range of possibilities based on colors, characters, and scenes.

Banking and financial institutions, education, and insurance sector will be benefited more by presenting their business through 2d animated videos.

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3d animation video has great visual effects. Perhaps no other communication medium can match the power of 3d animations when it comes to delivering a high impact and crisp portrait of a product. The use of high-quality animation always makes an impact on your company’s growth and image.

It is much more realistic with different ideas that can be showcased easily. Health care companies, technology companies, software, and retail sector will be benefited more through this type of videos.

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Motions graphics are the most popular animation style, and most versatile. Uses the mix of infographics and character animation which create the illusion of motion or rotation. This type of graphics involves design principles in film-making through the use of film techniques. It is a perfect way if you want to convey the message sound simple and straightforward.

For service providers like mobile app developers, retailers, health care sector, it is a brand storyteller.

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The infographic video is the visual representation of text, still and animation intended to explain complex information in a better way. It reinforces your brand, simply because they are so visually appealing. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter allow spreading your message all around the world through an infographic. Since they get shared so much, you are increasing the reach of your brand in an extremely natural way.

Infographics are widely used to get immediate attention in the age of short attention period.

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Whiteboard videos are the best medium to communicate information instantly. Hand drawn whiteboard videos are the engaging viewer. It is the best tool for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Ngo, health care companies, engineering companies, and HR companies can be benefited through this type of videos.

This is a perfect match for your need to impart information about your proposals, projects, company’s productive policies etc.

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