How We Work

Today’s business world has changed dramatically and required a dynamic way of communication about your products. To ensure the visibility of your products, we need to be very particular about the approach being followed for marketing through the media. We involve you and your inputs while creating a sketch work. We follow 4 steps of detailing before finalizing the video.

Step 1


Developing a script that will engage the audience and memorable.

The entire output of the video will be conceptualized and capsuled with the stipulated time. It will be summarized as a script to convey a clear message to the target audience and marketing goals. A well-understood script will always impress the audience throughout the flow. Unless it has some interesting facts that grab the attention of the viewers, it fails to have the viewership. It is like a well-knitted tailor bird’s nest, which pulls the attention of the viewer and run through the video.

Step 2


Connecting information to emotions and help people to relate a product or brand through the concept.

Keeping the script as the vital information, we come up with a storyboard to help visualize the video. This is like, how to travel inside the nest of the tailorbird. It should be interesting as well as worth traveling. It will be planned in the way that the viewer should feel the knowledge transfer.

Step 3


To give life and emotions to your brand with the human touch.

Whatever the script and animation deliver, the voice can change the entire feel of the video. An expressive and illustrative voice with the depth of the subject can do wonders in the project. We have expert voice-over artists, who can render voice with country-specific accent and language. We select from the pool of 25+ resources and send it for your approval. Once approved, the voice will be recorded in a professional studio with high-quality output.

Step 4


As a specialist, we focus on developing lasting and memorable campaigns through animation.

Once all the above process is completed, we move towards illustrations, sound effects, 2d/3d animation. A compilation of all the above in a colorful presentation with characters can do magic in the viewership. An animated character with new look and expression will have a face-lift for the theme. Our team will work very sincerely and create a perfect video to bring into life. A final result of this will eventually increase the viewership into a business conversion.

Done! Your video is ready!